Having a strategy in place for growing your company, regardless of how big or small it is, is crucial as an entrepreneur. After launch, the management of every company will always be on the lookout for possible opportunities that can spur the company's growth. Presently, many companies are utilizing opportunities in technology to expand their businesses, and failing to explore these chances would imply negligence on the business owner's part. Online business statistics grew dramatically after the year 2020 because the lockdown opened the eyes of many business owners to the unlimited opportunities possible through technology. Bring this home. Your company's growth can scale rapidly if you take advantage of technology, especially in your business strategy. How is it possible to do this? This article highlights five ways to use technology in growing your business.


1. Create an online presence:

The world has evolved beyond the point where you must run a brick-and-mortar business to thrive. The truth is if you still run a brick-and-mortar business and you do not have an online presence, your business may not grow. First, you must have a social media account that would help showcase your business online. After building an organic customer base online, then you might want to build a website where your clients can purchase your products from. Although your followers can make orders through your social media handle, it is still crucial that you create a website where you can display your products and attend to your clients’ needs. Creating an online presence is one market expansion strategy that has given businesses a wider reach. This strategy would also help you approach more clients and grow your business.


2. Use digital marketing platforms:

Although having an online presence helps you announce your business on the internet, you need digital marketing to reach the right audience. An online presence would not be sufficient if the target audience does not acknowledge your presence - your business could struggle. You should employ the services of a digital marketing platform to help you publicize your product. Every product or business needs marketing and advertising to generate the kind of awareness it needs. Creating a marketing campaign online would allow your brand, product, or business to be known to all of your potential clients. You can find several digital marketing agencies on the social media platform where you are most active; employ their service, and watch your business grow.


3. Use social media to enhance customer service:

The way your customers perceive your service can either build or ruin your brand’s image, therefore, you want to ensure that you maintain a good relationship with your clients. In maintaining a decent relationship with your customers, you should ensure they can reach you easily whenever they have issues. If your client has an issue with their product, they expect you are well within reach to help solve it. If it is hard to lodge a complaint or get problems solved, then it means your customer service needs an upgrade. However, using social media will help your customers access you easier and get their problems solved. When your client is pleased, they will refer others to patronize you, but when your customer is not satisfied, they will say negative things about your business. No brand wants this for themselves. 


4. Track productivity:

With technology, you don’t have to employ a hundred project managers before you can track productivity within your company. There are several applications that you can use to track the individual performance and productivity of your employees within your organization. Your employees have a huge role to play in the growth of your business; therefore, if they are not as productive as they should be, your business will not grow. Whenever you are struggling to build a stronger team, and when there are instances of a high employee turnover, use the help of professional RPO services to manage candidate attraction. Through some online applications, you can track your workers' productivity by asking them to submit daily or weekly reports, which you will then analyze. Tracking productivity would help you realize your strength and weakness within your organization's workforce and help you make decisions. However, productivity tracking wouldn’t be easy without applying technology to your business strategy. 


5. Store information in the cloud:

Technology allows businesses to save significant amounts of information without worrying about file size. A few years back, companies that managed large amounts of information would require a hard disk or flash drive to store all information. They also had to worry about the size of the storage device to be sure that all required information could fit, but today, the case is different. All kinds of business information can be saved in the cloud without fear of being manipulated. Since only the account owner can access it, except access is given to another user, you don’t have to worry about information manipulation or loss. You can store large amounts of information today using Google Drive or iCloud, and be rest assured that your information is safe. 


Business owners passionate about growing their businesses are always attentive to innovations within the market. It is essential to follow up with trends in your industry and utilize them in your growth strategy if you don’t want to be left behind. Therefore, if you do not utilize technology in your business strategy, it is never too late. Follow the above-listed tips, and you would be on the right track.