Join three remote companies - HotJar, Transformify and Freedom X Fest to dive deep into building and managing remote teams. 


Ken Weary, VP Operations of HotJar, Lilia Stoyanov, CEO of Transformify and Debora Mendes, FreedomXFest will discuss the digital skills trends, how to empower people to be able to self-manage when working remotely, do remote teams need to meet in real life and how often, is remote working for everyone  and much more.


Freedom comes with responsibilities. Being location independent is the dream of many people but it requires a different skill set and the ability to understand the nuances in written communication. In an office environment, the expression on someone's face or the tone of the voice can tell a lot. However, when the team members are miles away and English is not necessarily the native language of everyone, using the right wording is super important. Asking for clarification instead of immediately jumping into conclusions can save the day ( and help meet the deadlines). 


Not all remote workers and digital nomads are necessarily programmers, marketers or designers. Many have no other option than working remotely as they are less able to move or have family commitments that require them to work from home or a coworking space within a walking distance. Flexible working helps single parents to provide for the family and spend quality time with their kids securing a better future for them.


In spite of the many advantages, it appears that remote working is not for everyone. Some people are not able to self-manage and deliver quality work without supervision. For others, this may mean to spend time on household chores instead of on working, sleeping late, missing team calls, etc. During the hiring process, the recruiters have to identify any early red flags indicating that the candidate lacks self-discipline and integrity. 


Remote teams and distributed teams are seen from a completely different angle by the business and the government agencies. Tech startups based in Silicon Valley, for example, can save on rent by hiring in the high unemployment areas in the US. Not only this is good for the startups that have a longer runway until the next funding round, but it is also good for the local communities as it increases the purchasing power of the people living there and helps the local small businesses to thrive. 



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