Windy City Job: 4 Tips for First Time Workers Moving in Chicago

You’ve lived in a one-bedroom Athens apartment for your entire life, and now you got a great job offer in Chicago and you’ll get to be closer to your family living in Illinois.
While you’ve been to the Midwest before, you really don’t know what to expect. So here are four great tips that can get you started:

Understand the Weather

Chicago is not Anchorage, but it does get cold in the winter. Even though the Windy City is generally a few important degrees warmer than Milwaukee—it’s northern cousin—some winter days can be quite blustery and cold. If you don’t have any good winter gear, make sure you are prepared to purchase it. 
No, it’s not gray, windy and snowy every day in January. In fact, January can be a very sunny month due to the large Canadian high-pressure systems that can dominate the mid-winter weather, but again, it can be cold. 

And if you think that it will automatically turn to spring on March 21st, guess again, because late winter and early spring snow events are not unheard of. But while there can be some blustery early April days, by the time May appears the weather warms nicely, and summer solidly begins in June.
The summer climate can be quite humid, however, and then when it’s hot, you won’t find the dry heat you may be accustomed to. Some July Chicago days can actually remind you of summer in the deep south.

Transportation and Parking

If you lived in a smaller city or town, having your own car was almost mandatory. In Chicago, however, consider ditching the car and using alternate transportation. Instead of subways, Chicago has an elevated train system called the “L.” These trains stop at over 140 stations. 

The city also has a robust bus system, and of course, there are ride-hailing systems.
Parking, to be blunt, can be a pain. The closer you get to downtown, the smaller and more congested the streets become, the parking rules can be complicated, and fines for violations can be expensive. In addition, if you illegally park on someone’s property, the owners can call a private booting company that will immobilize your vehicle, and It can cost you $140 to have the boot removed! That’s why finding an apartment with a designated parking spot is a big plus.

Find the Art

The Chicago Institute of Art is a world-class museum with a large French Impressionist collection. Add the Adler Planetarium and the venerable Museum of Science and industry, and suddenly you’ve got a lot to do in your new city.


Many music scholars feel that all American music is derived from the blues, and Chicago has a very rich blues history. Classic bluesmen and women like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, and Koko Taylor all made Chicago their home, and at Chess Studios, located at 2120 South Michigan Avenue, these icons recorded classic blues that is still featured at national and international venues and SiriusXM radio. Both the West Side and the South Side, in addition to areas just north of downtown, offer great opportunities to see this genuine music as it is played today. By the way, there is a blues museum located at the original Chess Studio location on Michigan Avenue that is open for you to visit.


Moving in the City

The big day is here. You’ve moved your stuff close to the city, but you’ll now need some big-time help moving it into your Lincoln Park apartment.
Navigating the big city can be tough, a bit different from your more rural Athens apartment as mentioned above; so here are some big items you’ll want professional moving help for when

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage unit services
  • Move planning and execution
  • Packing supplies
  • Insurance
  • Hauling items up huge flights of stairs

Your top moving services in Chicago are hard to come by. But the best will coordinate your move precisely and make sure you have nothing to worry about on the big day. 

Whether your apartment is in Lincoln Park, Old Town, West Loop, Lakeview, Wicker Park or another awesome neighborhood, hiring a professional moving company to get you to the right place will make for an awesome start in your new city.

Chicago is a big and vibrant city. Just plan for the weather, try public transportation, immerse yourself in the art, and listen to music. You’ve picked a great place to move!