Growing demands in recruiting the right professionals require a data-driven approach. Machine Learning recruitment is considered to be the advanced technology to find the right candidate with a massive pool of candidate data. 

At the same time, Artificial Intelligence shall offer you the luxury of facilitating end to end recruitment process with zero error. Though AI and its usage are being utilized in recent times by organizations, it is never an alien attribute in HR functionalities. All the more, AI can support you in the following areas of recruitment.

  • Candidate Sourcing using various technological means

  • Candidate pre-selection from the huge amount of sourced data

  • Interview Process facilitation

  • Interview Follow-ups

It is also worthy to mention that Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment not only limits itself from the above mentioned four areas and multiple other connected factors that shall be difficult with manual intervention. When it comes to employee relations, AI is widely used to avoid bias factors and yes, career development can be easily measured with more informed data. 

AI in Recruitment Process

Firstly, automation in the recruitment process helps the task to be completed faster. As such, the database of candidates that we shall be looking at to identify the right resource is usually huge. AI has magnificent algorithms that shall help scroll and source the candidates relatively at a faster rate than a set of HR professionals sitting with the database to identify the same. 

Secondly, the question of how to improve recruitment and selection is incredibly answered by AI. The accuracy of the data and the quality of the candidates identified need a mention too. Similarly, the time taken to accomplish the same saves a lot of time and energy. At the same time, the cost involved in facilitating the task using manual resources is more compared to the automated techniques powered by AI.

Lastly, AI reduces the intervention of human error at any point in time during the recruitment process. This helps the team HR to perform at its best with minimal resources. The wastage of resources and sourcing unqualified candidates can be largely avoided. 

Benefits of AI in Recruitment Process

The recruiting software employed with AI shall offer the organizations with best results. With the key performance indicator of a recruiter revolves around the quality of hire, Machine Learning Job recruitment is a blessing in disguise. 

  • Automate the Hiring Task Spending Very Less Time

The high-volume database shall be a nightmare to any recruiter. At the same time, identifying the right set of candidates shall take a lot of time. AI shall be of greater help in optimizing the database and work with fabulous job matching algorithms. It shall reduce the time taken massively. Statistics indicate that a recruiter saves 23 hours per hire. 

The manual hiring process gives a personal touch, no doubt. Imagine, the same human touch is given to the software with comprehensive selection rules that shall help the organization finding the right match. Yes, at a very high speed. 

Moreover, HR functionalities complain of many unqualified resumes coming their way. The amounts of wrong matched resumes are around 75% to 85%. The AI-enabled approach shall quickly discard them. 

  • Excellent Benefits for the Organisations

It is evident from the fact the AI performs tasks faster and improves HR functionality, the organization, on the whole, is benefitted. Machine learning in the Recruitment industry has turned the table upside down. The organization shall easily see around a considerable percentage of increase in turnover. 

Moreover, the employee revenue has increased by 4% which is considered to be a hike without any expense. Instead, there is a reduction in cost in the form of limited manpower. The organization shall look for a high-performing candidate. 

Utilizing AI-based recruitment, the organization shall only have qualified recruits in every critical role. That means to say, the collective performance of the company shall increase vastly. 

How AI can help you in the Recruitment Process

The clinical approach in using machine learning for job matching is offering rewards and benefits from different angles. Especially the recruitment teams shall relish the use of automated software. Though human intervention is required, however, the level of support offered by the professional is considerably less in unnecessary tasks. 

  • Candidate Assessment Done the Right way

AI has improved the processes used in recruitments. It has become more standardized these days. The option of assessing the candidates objectively is accomplished with more zeal. 

The best part is, the subjective approach is dealt with similarly with an appropriate human touch. The intelligence of the screening software is commendable as it helps in matching the right competency levels. 

Moreover, the candidate assessment is done with multiple approaches as otherwise require different personnel to handle interviews separately. Also, the negation of emotion in the recruitment process is nullified as the justification is purely made on logic and not on feelings. 

  • Reduction in Backfilling

Machine Learning recruitment helps in strategizing the new hire process. As such, the backfilling is the process followed by most of the recruiters and it shall be reduced drastically with the help of a digitized model of sourcing and hiring. Building relationships shall become the top priority of the recruiters rather than spending time scrolling the resumes. 

With more qualified hiring, the recruitment process shall stand concrete. The overall outlook of the recruiter shall change and that shall offer the organization a whole new perspective of their business too. 


The incredible HR solutions offered by Transformify shall allow you to focus on your core business. The Applicant Tracking System is of excellent support in recruiting the right candidates. The end-to-end recruitment process enabled by AI is handled with care and the software solutions shall give you more leverage in recruiting. 

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