The internet is a fantastic and fast paced world of information, shopping, games, and a bunch of other stuff. It moves fast, and if you blink you have already missed something. So, until the day comes when humans merge with machines and we lose the need to blink our archaic low-tech eyelids, here is a brief run down of what just happened while you read this witty introduction.


  • Almost half a million tweets. Every single one of them was worth reading. We checked, and we wouldn't lie to you about that.

  • Over 7.5 million views on YouTube videos. What are all of these people watching, you ask? Probably that new music video that all the kids are tweeting about.

  • 3 million searches on Google. We heard that most of these searches were made by people looking for better music to listen to.

  • Around 700 bookings on Airbnb and 1,300 Uber rides. Our scientific research shows that approximately 87% of these people are trying to get to a place where good music videos are being tweeted about.

  • Almost 18,000 matches on Tinder. We wouldn't know what that was like. Everyone swipes left. Sad face.

  • 1,500 downloads of the Pokemon Go app, and $7,000 USD in revenue. Apparently, people really enjoy catching pokey men, and they will pay real money to do so.


But of course, it probably took you longer than a minute to read all of this wonderful and thought provoking information, so you just missed more than all of that. So, in conclusion, if were were all robot people then you wouldn't have missed any of this stuff, and in fact this information would have been automatically downloaded to your brain from the mothership. Do robots even have a mothership? Probably not, unless they are part alien too, but that is something we should all be thinking about.


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