Essay. Remote work.

Steve, businessman, ecologist. He has a successful developing organization, engaged in the development and implementation of ecology friendly fuel systems. He travels around the world with the aim of expanding partnerships, learn from the experience of others and development of markets.

Kate – ecologist. She prepares analytical reports, conducts analysis and assessment of the ecological status. Because of her health condition, she switched to a home-based type of work. At this moment she is working with several organizations on fixed-term contracts and performs a number of projects.

Steve is now in Singapore. Customers here in Singapore ask for analytical report on the performance of his company in reference to a promising view at operations. Having a small staff of good specialists, Steve understands that their work may not be enough to attract these capricious customers. So he decided to contact his friend, with whom he studied at the University, Kate.

- Hi, Kate! How are you? This is Steve, recognize me?

- Hi, Steve! Of course I recognize you! I’m fine, still work in the field of ecology, but now at home. And how are you doing?

- I’m okay too. I develop my own business; strive to achieve a common goal as ecologists – the preservation of the ecosystem and the health of the population )

- Steve, you as always, don’t set the small targets!

- Yes, Kate, I try… You know, for the realization of my next global goal I need your outstanding brain! :)

- I hope it doesn’t hurt :) What is it, Steve?

- Kate, now I’m negotiating with our clients in Singapore. These are major customers and, of course, picky. They requested for an analytical report about my products. And I understood that it has to be something really catchy. I immediately thought of you and your upscale reports, which you made during study at the university!

- Thank you, Steve! So, I really like to solve non-standard tasks. I can help you; especially recently I’ve just finished the project, which I have worked on for 3 months. And now I am absolutely free!)

Luck! Kate, you’re my savior! I’ll send you the source data on the email. Good that you have a break now and you are at home… I remember you worked in <…> company. Are you looking for something new?

- I have already found one, Steve. You know about my sad story. After that, I was never able to recover completely and chose remote work at home. At the first I had some fears and worries, but now I can say with confidence that this is the most successful and the best solution for me!

- Sorry, Kate, I remember your story. Anyway, cool that you found yourself with it! Actually, I’ve never delved into the question of remote work. Enlighten me a little J Your confidence aroused my interest in this opportunity!

- With pleasure! I will share with you my observations and experience, and also my friends, colleagues, who choose remote method of work like me. Even if you know little about remote jobs, the idea of this type of work is gaining momentum and attracting more employers and employees. I, as employee, can say that: a big plus for me is that I work from anywhere regardless of my location; I don’t need waste my time on going to office; I can spend time with my family more often than before; my employers and colleagues can be in different countries and I can share my experience and receive them on a global level!

- Kate, it sounds great! And how about the advantages for employers?

- Steve, let’s think about it together. Firstly, if you hire staff distantly, you don’t spend money on premises and office equipment. Secondly, your job vacancy will be opened to a wider number of candidates and you would be able to select the most suitable candidate for the position, regardless of whether they live in your town or country! Thirdly, your staff will be well oriented on achieving results (through clear agreements, terms and remuneration), not unnecessary spending of time in the office cafés and smoking rooms!

- Yeah… You’re right and it is really more profitable and more effective. But how about communication, team…

- Steve, I can tell you without doubts, I don’t sit in the office for 8 hours with my colleagues and don’t discuss about which tea is better to drink at lunch. By the way, I’m constantly in touch with my employers and colleagues, when I need to discuss some important and controversial questions, we regularly exchange our experiences and developments. You know, in our age, communications means a lot! In addition, I know of examples, where companies arrange periodic face-to-face meetings for their staff.

- Kate, you open my eyes on the new opportunities! While you’re explaining, I’ve already started to think of how can it be applied to my company and I have some ideas!

- Great! Steve, I’m happy that inspired you! If you knew how many bright and creative heads sit at home because they are physically disabled, and how much value they can add to an organization by bringing fresh and new ideas!

- Yes, it is a great opportunity for all of us! You know, Kate… Would you like to join the ranks of my team? Your bright mind will be very useful for us! Besides, I will need a consultant on introduction of system of remote work )

- Steve, actually, I don’t mind. Well, I have just received my very first assignment! )

- Yeah :) By the way, and about it! Kate, not in service, in friendship – when could you do it?

- Observe the scope of work and try to finish by Thursday!

- Great! When I come back from the trip, we will discuss about our further cooperation, colleague ;)

- Without doubt. Bye, Steve!

- See you soon, Kate!