Today we want to share with you the story of success of “Work Cloud”

Steve is a bold entrepreneur; he is kind, innovative and enthusiastic. He owns a website that helps save people’s lives.

Kate is a designer and an illustrator; she is creative and audacious. She is what they call today a digital nomad, she travels to unusual destinations and meets people whose lives she helps to make better or save by communicating their need to Steve.

Both Steve and Kate are adventurous and courageous people who are not afraid to try new ways of life and make out their case.

But it was not always like that.

Kate, unemployed, was lying under the blanket for a long time. Not that Kate couldn’t find job to make money. She just was that utopian and that shameless that she could dare to think that work must bring joy and should naturally fit into one’s life, not be a hardship when you pray for another Friday to come. Those days, Kate’s courage finally started to erupt, nurtured for a long time by her state of mind, thoughts and reflections. Giddily inspired by books and films about travels, she found herself in Myanmar where she met Yin Myat, a mother of 2 children who had been laid off from a low-paid job on a factory and who barely made ends meet. On the last day of Kate’s stay, Yin Myat presented Kate a parting gift, an exquisitely beautiful fabric purse.

After getting back home, naturally, Kate discovered that her trip itself was not a change in her life. She got back home to her unemployment and with no prospects granted by Myanmar.  One day Kate mentioned in passing the story of a woman she had met to Steve, her friend. Entrepreneurial-minded, where other people would see just a story, Steve sees opportunities. Working on a project for his business marketing class, Steve got inspired by the idea of creating an online network to buy and resell authentic products from different parts of the world. With time, Kate’s evolved the idea to make it not a way to merely earn money by providing a service, but a way for thousands of unemployed people to change their lives by using their skills and fulfilling their talents. Together, Kate and Steve created a website which first user became Yin Myat whose knitting craftsmanship finally got recognition and started bringing profit, whatever modest it was. Soon, artisanal artworks from challenged places in Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Latin America filled the pages of the “Work Cloud” - a self-explanatory name was chosen by its creators.

But the idea of making and selling hand-made goods website is rather common, even though Steve and Kate made it in a way to help people from remote places where their talents are not in need or meet high competition.  But no more happy occasion occurred to Kate or Steve that enlightened them on the further development of their online creation. So the two followed the path of supporting the vulnerable categories of people who could find salvation in remote work.

At first, these were the most obvious: single parents who had to earn their living sitting at home. “We thought why these women have to do some unsatisfying work like testing websites, writing reviews, betting or trying to sell home-made cakes only because they are sitting with their babies? Giving them opportunity to sell their real skills and knowledge by creating a platform where they could be easily found by direct employers – that is to say, other people who need someone possessing those skills – seemed to us such a simple and beneficial idea” says Kate. “At the same time, fortunately, we were lucky enough to be found by people who were good at calligraphy or home-based fish farming, or at making ceramics, or at consulting on different issues, or at teaching a rare language. These people who, though possessing valuable skills, met difficulties finding a stable employment due to different reasons. So through our service they could change this, and however unconventional or seemingly unclaimed their proficiencies seemed in real life, anyone could still create a profile to enrich our register of remote workers. What differs it from any other employment websites that are in abundance? “Work Cloud” focuses on cloud exchange of one’s competences to other’s payments. That is to say, we are open to any of those dreamers who believe they can do what they love and earn their living by it; and to all those bound by circumstances to work remotely.”

The latter constitute a particular category of people our service is targeted at. Soon, Kate became a literal ambassador or “Work Cloud”, she began traveling a lot to discover and explore on whose lives can be changed and repaired by remote work. Some of the answers she discovered were not on the surface at all.

Distant work is a salvation for those often stigmatized as “withdrawn”, “loners” whose potential cannot be fully realized in cubicles due to these people’s personal characteristics that makes us who we are and that should not represent difficulties on our way to maximizing our talents and ambitions, which is often the case.

The case that remote work helps to change.  “Remote work is not only about work in traveling or a part-time job for students. It is the benefit that our century grants to people who face challenges while following the daily routine, people for whom rush-hour commuting, bustling work environment inflict serious sufferings, whether due to medical reasons or individual features of a person”, says Kate.

“It’s deplorable to admit, but catastrophes of our time provide on a silver platter thousands of people for whom remote work often becomes the only option. Whether they are refugees who face problems to earn a living due to legal or bureaucratic procedures; those who live in war-zones or post war-zones, – in other words, people who cannot afford full-time steady job and who are struggling to survive. So we want our platform to be not only a symbol of bright possibilities to enjoy your life while working remotely, but also a reminder that remote job today is desperately needed by thousands if not millions of people around the world. “Work Cloud” platform is reserved for people who have something to offer but meet difficulties delivering it in regular work environment, whether it is a nature of their job, their personal cause or life circumstances. And we thank technologies of our day for making this possible.”