There are many freelance marketplaces helping recruiters to source freelance talent. Transformify Freelance Platform is one of them but what makes it stand out is the option to not only source flexible workforce, but also to on-board, assign to projects and manage the relationship with their existing on-demand workforce. In fact, most employers and temporary staffing agencies prefer to work with the same team of freelancers and independent contractors over time. Having access to your pool of freelancers and being able to communicate with them and provide information about new projects saves time, costs and effort.

So, how it works?

Your Very Own On-demand Talent Pool

Invite your team of freelancers and independent contractors to join Transformify at no cost. Thus, you will be able to manage your existing contingent workforce using Transformify Freelance Platform. Assigning projects, monitoring performance, transferring payments and reconciling invoices is a breeze. At any point in time, you have historical data about completed projects, interviewed candidates, transferred payments, issued invoices, etc.

Source Gig Workers and Freelancers

The good news is that each project or gig posted on Transformify Freelance Platform is automatically indexed by 50+ job boards worldwide tremendously boosting the outreach. In addition, each job listing is SEO optimized to attract freelancers having relevant skills and actively looking for new opportunities.

Candidate Matching Algorithm

A powerful matching algorithm puts on top of the list those candidates having a maximum number of matching skills. At a glance, the recruiter has information about the pay rate expectations, the location and the availability of the freelancers. Creating shortlists and interviewing candidates has never been easier.

Copy a Shortlist

Often, the same role is open over and over again due to the nature of the business. Most marketing agencies work on a project basis and need designers, video editors and copywriters on-demand. Having all this people on payroll is often not feasible due to the business model and the costs. As a result, the next time a marketing agency needs a video editor, it is likely to reach to the freelancers they have worked with before as the quality of work and loyalty have already been tested. On top of that, usually, 5+ candidates are interviewed prior to extending an offer and the Top 3 candidates are very close to each other in terms of skills and experience.

What if the recruiters can simply copy the shortlist of an earlier project and message the candidates who have already been interviewed? That’s how roles can be filled within 24 hours at a minimum cost. Knowing this fact, Transformify Freelance Platform offers a ‘’Copy Shortlist’’ functionality. Just one click and all candidates that have already been interviewed before being added to the list.


Message Candidates

As creating a shortlist of qualified freelancers and gig workers takes minutes, recruiters can immediately proceed with messaging candidates, asking for references and scheduling time for an interview. Of course, they can do so without leaving Transformify Freelance Platform. All messages are sent to the registered email as well to shorten the response time and speed up the hiring process.

Schedule an Interview with Shortlisted Candidates

No matter where in the world the candidates are based, they can receive an interview invite converted to match their time zone. No chance to miss an interview due to misunderstanding and messing up with time zones.

Assigning Contingent Workforce to Projects and Gigs

Normally, all roles are filled in in less than 72 hours. However, this is just the beginning as the recruiters need to manage all projects, deliverables and payments. To make everyone’s life easy, Transformify Freelance Platform allows a variety of metrics and flexible project duration. Depending on the project, the freelancers and contingent workers can be assigned to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly work packages. Some industries may assign experts to hourly projects and this is especially valid for the management consultants who normally charge per hour. On the other hand, an SAP or Oracle integration consultant may be needed for 6 months as this is the forecasted duration of the project. No matter what the business specifics and preferences are, Transformify’s clients have all the flexibility they need.

One-off and Recurring Payments

No one will be waiting for 6 months to get paid. Thus, any total payment can be split to as many recurring payments as necessary. For example, a SAP consultant assigned to a 6-month project may demand a weekly payment. The total payment is split to 24 recurring payments and the SAP consultant can receive payment at the end of each week.

What about different payment arrangements?

Imagine that your SAP consultant demands weekly payments but there is a Project Manager in the US who is used to bi-weekly payments. With Transformify Freelance Platform it is possible to arrange a different payment schedule for each and every freelancer, gig worker or independent contractor. Most of our clients employ contingent workforce in multiple countries and there are different preferences. On top of that, some projects may be long-term while others may be per hour due to business specifics. Transformify addresses all these requirements.

Internal Payment Controls

Monitoring payments and deliverables via Excel sheets is risky and usually results in duplicate payments, delayed payments or both. As an all-remote company, Transformify has a freelance pool of 250+ freelancers and contingent workers worldwide. We have faced all these challenges before and made sure that our clients will not go through the same ordeal. Having internal controls is a ‘’ must-have’’ for every business regardless of the size of the company or annual audit requirements.

So how it works?

Single Payment Request

Each freelancer sees at a glance all payments till the end of the project s/he has been assigned to. However, payment can be requested only if the previous payment has already been approved by the hiring manager or the project manager.

Single Payment Request

Payment Approval

Each payment can be requested ONLY ONCE. No duplicate payments or multiple payment requests. As payment requests are not approved automatically, the project manager can check the quality of work and the deliverables, to ask questions, etc. Payment is approved only after all deliverables have been received and the quality of work is in-line with the expectations.

Automated Payment Transfers Worldwide

Imagine that you have hired freelancers and contingent workers in the US, India and Korea. Storing information about their bank details, keeping it up -to-date and transferring payments in three different currencies is hazzle. The good news is that all this is not needed at all. Each freelancer has an account with Transformify Freelance Platform and can update her/his payment details at any time. Automatically, the next payment will be transferred to the latest stated account and no action on the employer’s side is required.

Storing Sensitive Financial Data

For security and compliance reasons, Transformify DOES NOT store credit card details or bank account information. Instead, these details are directly provided to our partners facilitating the payment transfers worldwide. Payoneer, Stripe, Revolut, etc. are licensed financial institutions adhering to the highest security standards. Our clients have a peace of mind knowing that they don’t need to collect and store sensitive financial information even though they transfer payments to hundreds or thousands or freelancers and contingent workers worldwide.


You hired a brilliant graphic designer, but do you need to train him/her on how to issue an invoice? The short answer to this question is ‘’No’’. Freelancers and gig workers are supposed to do what they do best and deliver quality work. Dealing with administrative tasks and issuing invoices is a waste of their time. Needless to say, invoicing is fully automated if you use Transformify Freelance Platform. Even better, our business clients may receive a custom xml file that can be directly uploaded into their ERP or accounting system to avoid any manual work.