We’re excited to welcome our newest partner, the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce (Britcham Chile), joining the supporters of the #GoRemote campaign. Britcham Chile specializes in providing market insight and assistance to UK companies wishing to enter the Chilean market. By joining the campaign, launched by Transformify, Britcham Chile will help students around the globe engage with social change. The students will create short videos and articles describing how remote work can change lives of people for the better.

With this partnership, the #GoRemote campaign is expanding its presence to Latin America. Britcham Chile will create awareness about #GoRemote within their extensive networks, and make it possible for Chilean businesses to join the campaign, boost their image as socially responsible enterprises and support this great social initiative. At the same time, this partnership will expand the reach of the campaign, get more students in Latin America actively involved and give them more opportunities to express themselves and be noticed by top employers.

Ninh Hao, Marketing and Communications Manager, Britcham Chile: "Britcham Chile is very excited to be working with Transformify on this new initiative driving social inclusion. We look forward to seeing the results from students all over the world supporting the #GoRemote campaign and hope to see as many companies as possible join in as well."

Lilia Stoyanov,CEO of Transformify:Together with our new partner, Britcham Chile, we are looking forward to engage more students and businesses from Latin America in our new social initiative - #GoRemote. Our partnership will enable us to let more people know about this unique opportunity which increases students’ chances for employment and brings skilled interns to businesses worldwide.”

Joining efforts, Britcham Chile and Transformify will enable students and businesses in Latin America to have access to learning opportunities, possibilities of remote employment and the chance to engage in powerful social change. #GoRemote will run on Transformify’s website starting on November, 17th till December, 20th. The best videos and articles will be rewarded with great prizes – eCornell University certification, internships with the possibility of further employment and various gadgets. Their work will appear on Transformify’s blog and social media channels as well as those of the chosen partners.​

About Britcham Chile:

The British Chilean Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1917 and has, for almost 100 years, specialized in helping UK-connected businesses prosper and thrive in Chile. The Chamber connects businesses with the right partners, creates networking opportunities, educates and informs about relevant political and commercial topics. The Chamber has a great network of contacts in the private as well as the public sector where our members span across more than 30 sectors. The Chamber has both the UK and Chilean business interests at heart in everything we do, it is with this in mind that Britcham Chile focuses on helping UK companies from start to finish on their export journey and beyond; BCS recognizes that exporting is not a one-time adventure but an on-going process. We provide Entry, Contact, Professional, Growth and Development services to facilitate the success of the business.

About Transformify:

Transformify is a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform and  a Guinness World Record Holder, connecting remote contractors and businesses worldwide. The platform has registered independent contractors from 90 countries on 4 continents, and  business partners from the US and the EU. Transformify and its partners jointly  contribute to the well-being of people in a disadvantaged position and communities with high unemployment rate.