To most recruiters and job seekers, it is still unclear what the difference between a job board and recruitment CRM is.


Is it just the technology that has been used or there is more to it?


In India, people are used to searching for jobs using popular job portals like, FreshersWorld, etc. Some job boards are offering paid services, others are free but in both cases the success rate is unclear.


On the other hand, a Recruitment CRM is an end-to end solution that adds much more value than a simple job search.


Employers: How is this relevant?




All prices in USD

Job Posting

Resume Database Access



Transformify Recruitment CRM

USD 20-USD 50

USD 30

readily included in most packs

USD 50 per user/billed monthly

Free blog posts.

Free company logo, etc.


USD 65 - USD 94

USD 189 - USD 504





Transformify Recruitment CRM




Transformify presence and awards




An end-to-end solution including candidate sourcing, candidate matching algorithms, building shortlists, interviews, billing, self-billing and payments.



Each job post is automatically indexed by 50+ job boards worldwide and shared via the social media channels to attract the right candidates actively looking for a job.


Loaded with:


(i) Job board/ Job Marketplace

(ii) Candidate Sourcing

(iii) Candidate matching algorithms

(iv) ATS (Applicant Tracking System

(v) B2B Freelance Marketplace

(vi) Billing, self-billing and payments

(vii) Analytics and reports

(viii) Market Entry Pack

(ix) CSR Solutions/ CSR Recruitment Platform


CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) on focus


Many businesses are willing to engage with social causes but find it hard to execute on their CSR programs. After all, it is not easy to diversify the workforce of a company having 10 000+ employees. How to source people with disability, freshers or mothers?


Transformify Recruitment CRM allows to select a job category to indicate that the job is addressing the needs of a specific group of people without excluding anyone. Each CSR program is discussed to come up with a PR and marketing plan to ensure its success and add value to the business and the society at large.


What if the job listing is to be kept confidential?


A ‘’private’’ job listing allows the recruiters to contact a list of candidates (i) having matching skills and (ii) open to new opportunities. The job listing is not publicly displayed and kept confidential


What about the number of matching skills and salary expectations?


Just one look is enough for a recruiter to determine if the candidate possesses the required skills and (ii) if the desired pay rate is within the budget.



What about payments to freelancers and payroll payment outsourcing? Is it possible not to collect the bank accounts of the employees and freelancers?Many HR experts are facing the same challenges over and over again- each freelancer or independent contractor is hired for a different period of time, the pay rate varies, the bank account details are to be collected and stored, etc. An advanced recruitment software addresses all these challenges. There is no need to collect and store the bank account details of the employees and freelancers and it is absolutely impossible for a payment to be transferred twice.




Is it possible to integrate with an external ATS?


Absolutely. It is possible to source and transfer candidates to any external applicant tracking system via a custom integration.



Is it possible to simultaneously source candidates in a number of countries?


Transformify Recruitment CRM is a global solution. Our clients source candidates across all geographies and verticals.


Transformify Recruitment CRM standard solutions are in English. The localisations in all other languages are purchased separately and customized to address the needs of the respective client.


An established brand in India used by a number of job seekers and employers. A variety of services and packages the recruiters can choose from tailored to their needs.


A passive database of candidates who may not be looking for a career change. The recruiters get access to a certain number of candidates and have to proactively contact them to find out their current situation, salary expectations, willingness to relocate, etc.


The cost may be too high depending on the efficiency and the quality of candidates each company manages to attract and hire.




Although most employers use as a job board, it also offers a Recruitment Managing System that comes in three versions:


RMS Enterprise

RMS Consultant

RMS Referral


Built around an applicant tracking system, the RMS is expected to save time and manual data entry. services also include:


(i) Job posting services

(ii) Resume Database access

(iii) Referral solutions

(iv) Branding solutions


Job Seekers: How is this relevant?




The job portal offers a mix of paid and free services. It is up to the job seeker to determine whether it is worth it to upgrade to the paid services as there is no guarantee that s/he will get their dream job faster and with the employer s/he is interested in. As it is very individual and depends on the skills, expertise, qualification and experience of the candidate, the success rate may differ a lot.


Looking at the reviews published online on Glassdoor, Mouthshut, TrustedCompany, etc. , there is a mix of happy and unsatisfied customers which is normal given the large number of users having a variety of expectations.


Payment Guarantee and Payments to Freelancers and Temporary Staff doesn’t offer a freelance marketplace or secure payments to freelancers although there are posted freelance jobs. Once the candidate gets hired, the payment terms, etc. are to be negotiated with the employer. No secure payment functionality is offered at present ( 2018).


Job Alerts


Job alerts could be set up based on the preferences of the job seeker.


Transformify Recruitment CRM




Leveraging on advanced technology, Transformify Recruitment CRM is free for the job seekers. Powerful algorithms match the job seekers to the jobs relevant to them based on candidates skills, salary expectations, location, etc.


Even more, there are job categories indicating that the job is of interest to a particular group of people  - remote jobs, startup jobs, permanent jobs, jobs for people with disabilities, etc. The job category indicates that the job is addressing the needs and interests of a particular group of people BUT all jobs are open to everyone.


CSR, diversity and inclusion are among Transformify’s core values and there are social responsibility programs boosting financial inclusion, empowering women, revitalizing high-unemployment areas and post -war zones, etc.

In most cases, there is no need to write a CV either. The job seekers provide a link to their Linkedin profile, portfolio, etc. Indicating that they are open to new opportunities means that they can get contacted by employers looking for candidates having matching skills.


Payment Guarantee and Payments to Freelancers and Temporary Staff



Transformify Recruitment CRM comes with B2B Freelance Marketplace equipped with billing, self-billing and payment functionality. Job Seekers are offered a payment guarantee if they opt to receive payment through Transformify Recruitment CRM.




Job Alerts


Based on their preferences, the job seekers may receive an email each time a job matching their skills has been posted. Also, indicating that they are open to new opportunities increases the chances of being contacted directly by the recruiters.


CV writing

Recruiter Reach



Payment guarantee





Transformify Recruitment CRM








P.S. Transformify Recruitment CRM is generally FREE for the job seekers.