London, UK – 21st October 2016

Transformify, an online platform providing remote jobs to people around the world, and PitchData, a platform for measuring and sharing traction in real time between startups, investors, and advisors, announce a strategic partnership. The aim of the partnership is to create more remote jobs globally available for vulnerable categories of people and, at the same time, to attract more skilled professionals to PitchData and other startups.  

In 2015, startups raised over $98B in venture capital, in comparison to $88.7B in 2014, with funding rounds over $100M increased by 125% and with more than 150 companies reaching a billion-dollar valuation from 2014 to 2016. This puts huge pressure on entrepreneurs to have a perfect business plan, develop the perfect pitch, and create the ultimate hustle so that they can find the right investors and advisors.

At the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs want to focus on building their business instead of simply spending months pitching it. Raising a capital may be quite time-consuming and distracting, and there is no guarantee of positive results. Given the opportunity of this new data-driven funding and advising environment, has created the alpha version of a platform for measuring and sharing traction in real time between startups, investors, and advisors.

Both,PitchData and Transformify, are seeing remote work on a larger scale as far as social benefits are concerned: providing work to people in areas with high unemployment rates, reducing unemployment driven immigration, populating abandoned areas, daily commute to overcrowded cities and carbon emissions. Moreover, hiring workforce remotely is beneficial to the companies and startups as it provides access to global talent and does not limit the recruitment to a specific location.

PitchData, which helps startups focus on their growth rates/traction in order to increase productivity instead of spending months pitching, is going to outsource the majority of its projects to have them done by highly-skilled remote contractors. In return, Transformify, is looking forward to making these projects available to its users: people with disabilities, people living in the areas with high unemployment rate, single parents, people on Autism spectrum, parents of children with special needs, etc.

About PitchData:

Pitch Data is a data-driven startup marketplace which helps startups pitch their stories in real time, securely and effortlessly, while focusing on the most important part of the business - building, improving, and growing their traction. When startups are able to show traction, they prove that they have achieved product/market fit. As pitching can be time-consuming, distracting, and it doesn't always guarantee a positive result, PitchData takes this stress off the startups, and instead performs it for them in real-time.

About Transformify:

Transformify is a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform and a Guinness World Record Holder, which provides remote jobs to those who need them the most. The platform has registered independent contractors from 90 countries on 4 continents and  business partners from the US and the EU. Transformify and its partners jointly contribute to the well-being of people in a disadvantaged position and communities with high unemployment rate.