Oct. 2017, Seoul, Soth Korea

We’ve got some great news! Transformify was examined by the trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and granted a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100% on the strength of its features and functions. Reviewers noted how our platform helps businesses connect with the most qualified workers using an intelligent learning algorithm that matches employers with desirable candidates based on candidate's skills, certifications, location, and salary expectations.

With Transformify Freelancer Management System ( FMS), companies big and small can seamlessly source, onboard, manage and pay consultants, experts, freelancers and independent contractors.


Why is Transformify so different from the rest?


Transformify Freelancer Management System ( FMS) has an unusual story. It has been launched to help people who lost their jobs in a business transformation process to find a job regardless of the location. Ever since corporate social responsibility, equality, financial inclusion, and providing access to jobs and secure payment to disadvantaged people are Transformify's DNA.


Contract hiring and freelance jobs online are a great solution for people living in high unemployment areas or working moms. However, setting up individuals as vendors, reconciling the invoices and payments are an administrative burden most companies would prefer to avoid. To address the issue, Transformify has developed a contract hiring solution, billing/ self-billing, and payment services. The employers can hire freelancers worldwide but will receive invoices and transfer payments to only one vendor - Transformify.


How does it work?


The freelancers use the self - billing solution to bill Transformify, then the Freelancer Management System ( FMS) automatically bills the employer and transfers payments to the freelancers in any currency all over the world. It's a simple click of a button.


However, this is not the only problem solved by Transformify Freelancer Management System.

Did you know that the employers in Germany spend around €500 million a year on fines for non-compliance with the disability quota – a stark figure which highlights the extent of the waste of both human potential and money? Many countries around the world require employers to hire people with disabilities and it has recently been reported that 50% of the private companies in South Korea. Source: Disability-smart

Transformify shares information about the skills possessed by people with disabilities or people on the Autism Spectrum with the employers so they can create jobs addressing the special needs of these people and be in compliance with the quota. All job seekers self-identify and employers may indicate that the job is suitable for people with special needs.


In addition, Transformify is a certified women-owned enterprise, certified by WeConnect International. It has never been so easy for the businesses to diversify their vendor base and workforce in ''one go''.


Closing the digital skills gap is also among Transformify's priorities. As a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the European Commission, the CSR recruitment platform gathers information about the digital skills gap and proposes the right e-learning courses to the job seekers so they can enhance their skills and improve the chances of getting hired.


These powerful capabilities were recognized by the reviewers and deemed Transformify worthy of the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great user Experience Award of FinancesOnline for best freelance platforms. The awards are granted to products that have developed solid customer base because of robust features and total usability. We’ve designed Transformify to streamline and accelerate the hiring process so companies can get the perfect candidate out of a large database of job seekers from more than 150 countries. We are proud to be among the Top 50 companies worldwide participating in KGC subsidized by the government of South Korea, NIPA, and the Ministry of SMEs and startups.


Our thanks to the experts and to our customers, both of whom have confirmed the capability of Transformify to simplify and speed up the process of hiring without compromising the quality of job candidates.