Transformify, a global corporate social responsibility platform, has recently inked a deal with Payoneer, a payment services provider, for the integration of Payoneer’s payout services. 

With the integration of Payoneer's fast, flexible and secure payment services, the members of Transformify can now safely receive payments in 200+ countries. Professionals in both developed and emerging markets in Asia can receive payments via a Payoneer Prepaid Card linked to their e-wallet account. The members of Transformify can now get instant access to cash no matter where the businesses that create remote jobs for them are based and regardless of the different currencies. The Prepaid Card is an extremely convenient option for world travelers and Digital Nomads.


The integration of Payoneer makes it easy for the members of Transformify to receive payments from any Business Partner in any of the supported currencies into their e-wallet account. Payoneer will convert the payment into the currency of the member’s e-wallet account.


About Transformify

 Transformify  is a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform which provides an opportunity to its Business Partners to be great neighbors and responsible corporate citizen. Transformify and its partners jointly contribute to the well-being of people in a disadvantaged position and communities with high unemployment rate. Transformify partners with NGOs to reach the people who would benefit the most from working from home and remotely. The members of Transformify receive their payments via a Prepaid Card linked to an e-wallet account opened with payment services providers such as Payoneer, or via Payoneer’s bank transfer service. More payment services providers will be integrated in the next weeks.