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Do you leverage Global Teams and Workforce on-demand? Here’s why you should!

Expanding your business globally can bring huge rewards but requires strategic planning and investment. One way to optimize this process is by having a global team in place. This team can help communicate with foreign customers and investors, as well as manage local market research and analysis. Additionally, it's important to review your company's financial and resource capacity to ensure readiness for expansion.   A few Key Points to Build your International Presence Are: M

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Employee expectations: What can managers do to define them?

Defining expectations is a critical aspect of a manager's job. It ensures that each team member understands their role and works successfully towards the organisation's overall goals. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to define expectations clearly and only around half of all workers believe that they know what's expected of them in their job. In this article, we describe how managers can define expectations and explain why doing so is important.   Why is it important to set

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Building a Better Workplace: Leveraging Employee Referrals and Diversity in a Hybrid Work Culture

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become increasingly challenging for employers. Traditional recruiting methods are often expensive and time-consuming, leaving many organizations struggling to find qualified candidates. However, one effective and often overlooked method for finding top talent is through employee referrals.   Employee referrals can be a valuable tool for recruiting top talent. Not only do they typically result in higher quality