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Vendor Management Software for Small Business: Payments and Billing

Was it COVID-19, the bear market, the plunging prices of cryptocurrencies, or changing consumer spending habits that pushed businesses across the globe to redefine the way they manage their workforce and vendor base?  Speaking of vendor management, it comes as no surprise that businesses rely more on service providers, one-off vendors, and vendors on-demand to ensure flexibility while keeping the bottom line low.  Driving efficiencies of scale is hardly possible without automation. I

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Rebuild Lives: Remote Jobs for Ukrainian Refugees | TFY

Back in 2016, when Transformify developed Rebuild Lives, we sincerely hoped that humanity would never face a devastating refugee crisis again. Yet, reality proved us wrong more than once. First, it was the refugee crisis in Afghanistan when hundreds of thousands of people fled Afghanistan in fear of the Taliban regime. Now, we face the war in Ukraine and the sad reality that millions of Ukrainians may have to leave their homes and seek asylum across Europe. Since Feb 24th, 2022,  thousands

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User Guide: Payment in Cryptocurrencies with Transformify

Although the adoption of crypto payments among freelancers is increasing, still, there are very few crypto payment solutions specifically designed to address the needs of businesses transferring payouts to freelancers, independent contractors, service providers, and even employees. Transformify workforce management system has been designed to specifically address the billing and payment needs of both businesses and their workforce. Along with payments in traditional or ‘’fiat’