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User Guide: Freelance Crypto Payments with Transformify

Although the adoption of crypto payments is increasing, still, there are very few crypto payment solutions specifically designed to address the needs of businesses transferring payouts to freelancers, independent contractors, service providers and even employees. Transformify workforce management system has been designed to specifically address the billing and payment needs of both businesses and their workforce. Along with payments in traditional or ‘’fiat’’ currencies

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Best Career Pages: Attract Top Candidates and Supercharge Your Employer Brand

Your career page has the superpower to attract top talent and boost your employer brand. There is one catch, though – your career page needs to be informative, well-designed and SEO (search engine) optimized. It is your career page that job candidates visit first to learn about your business, your corporate culture and your growth potential. Is the business growing fast, what are the latest news, what working for that company feels like? Needless to say, top candidates have many options

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What is a Default Payment Method? | All You Need to Know

Payment method or a payment route refers to the way you get paid for the services you have provided as a service provider, independent contractor, consultant, lecturer, freelancer, etc. Transformify ( TFY) supports various payment methods and we are adding more payment providers to the list to expand your options. Please note that some payment methods may not be available across all countries and payment provider fees may apply. A default payment method is the payment method that will be