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How To Fill In My Invoice Details

Issuing invoices is tedious work for most service providers, independent contractors and freelancers. Worry not, Transformify fully automates the invoicing process. All that is required from you is to provide your invoice details and keep them up to date going forward. There are some nuances when it comes to providing your invoice details if you are registered as a self-employed, individual entrepreneur or you provide services via a legal entity. Once you fill in your invoice details, all i

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What is a Freelancer Management System?

Uncertainty, Covid-19 lockdown and business slow down resulted in a shift to contingent workforce for many businesses. Although hiring freelancers and independent contractors may significantly optimize costs and improve efficiency, managing external workforce is a hassle. Duplicate payments, messy invoicing, unmet deadlines and inefficient budget controls are just a small part of all challenges businesses face when managing on-demand workforce. At the same time, enterprise vendor managemen

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SAP Fieldglass Alternative for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

If in the past, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, contingent workforce management and Vendor Management Systems (VMS) were of interest mostly to enterprises, nowadays, companies of all sizes are shifting to on-demand workforce to optimize costs and increase efficiency. Leveraging contingent workforce adds flexibility and extends the ‘’runway’’ of startups and scaleups that are still not profitable and depend on the next funding round to stay in business. Moreover, all