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Hybrid Workplace: What It Is And Its Impact On The Overall Organization

Wearing masks regularly, maintaining social distance, and using sanitizer are all the new quotes of our life. COVID-19 pandemic is the responsible incident that added these elements to our life for almost a very long time. Organizations are affected at the highest stage. All the employers and the employees are managing their jobs in the new workplace known as ‘Work From Home.’  For every business, it was a massive transformation that has changed their mode of work. For many wor

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Thriving as a Freelancer in a Post-Pandemic World

Freelancers often work remotely, but like most people working from home, it has not been business as usual. If you work as a freelancer, you might have realized that the pandemic has compounded your work-related issues from a decline in freelancing assignments to delay in payments-especially where international clients are involved. With all these challenges, you can still survive after this pandemic with these four tips: 1.  Diversify your skills You need to be proactive and reach

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Fully Remote vs Hybrid Work Models: What's Best for Your Company?

Changes in any workplace are usually prompted by the results of an internal audit on business practices, processes, and procedures, implementing the use of new technology, a shift in customer values, or an overall rebrand or restructuring of the entire business.  2020 also highlighted how workplaces change in response to a crisis. One of the workplace transformations we’ve seen more of in response to the COVID-19 crisis is the use of fully remote or hybrid work models. Managing a wor

Happy Freelancers are Productive Freelancers: 8 Tips to Keeping Your Freelancers Happy

No one can deny the fast-paced gig economy growth in recent years. Lots of businesses today recruit contingent workers, be it freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, or other off-payroll workers to benefit from vast skill sets for a specific duration while cutting costs and keeping the bottom line low. While all of that sounds good, finding and hiring top talent takes time and resources, so much that when you do find the right freelancers, you would defi

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Standing Out as a Remote Work Applicant

Depending on your age, you may remember the days when finding a job meant scouring the newspaper classified section, calling people in your network on the phone, and maybe even faxing your cover letter and resume to employers. Of course, this has all changed over the past decade, with the COVID-19 pandemic putting remote work into overdrive. Adding to this is the fact that more people than ever before are interested in working from home. According to FlexJobs, “65% of respondents reported