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The Increasing Role of Data Analytics in Recruiting

Recruiting is a complicated task that requires a lot of human insight and effort. Organizations are challenged to find the right people who fit their culture and align with the company's mission, values, and strategies. Finding qualified talent at all levels, from high school students through mid-career professionals, is becoming increasingly difficult. Recruiters spend hours combing through resumes, applications, and social media in an attempt to find the best candidates. In today's wo

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Why being naturally introverted shouldn't hold you back as a team leader

Would you consider yourself an introvert? If you are, you may assume that certain personality traits that come with your introverted nature will hold you back from being an effective and authoritative team leader. You may even have found yourself passed over in favour of stronger voices in your business. However, being naturally introverted shouldn’t hold you back from being a team leader – and here we take a closer look at why.   What is an introvert?   You may have he

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5 Fast-Growing Industries For Freelancers

Freelancing is a booming industry, and that's not going to change anytime soon. 50% of Gen-Z and 44% of Millennials are freelancers. With an ever-increasing demand for skilled workers on the outside, freelancing has never been more lucrative. Several factors are driving this growth: a skills shortage in specific fields and industries, low entry costs, and the flexibility of independent contractors. However, working as a freelancer is not just about finding the right job these days. It's