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Rebuild Lives: Remote Jobs for Ukrainian Refugees | TFY

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Back in 2016, when Transformify developed Rebuild Lives, we sincerely hoped that humanity would never face a devastating refugee crisis again. Yet, reality proved us wrong more than once. First, it was the refugee crisis in Afghanistan when hundreds of thousands of people fled Afghanistan in fear of the Taliban regime. Now, we face the war in Ukraine and the sad reality that millions of Ukrainians may have to leave their homes and seek asylum across Europe. Since Feb 24th, 2022,  thousands of people have been stuck at the border with Poland, having no safety net or resources to survive for an extended time in a new country. Although many NGOs provide help and first aid, all these people need to have an opportunity to settle down and provide for themselves now and in the future when they hopefully return back to Ukraine.

Rebuild Lives goes even a step further. As the name ‘’ Rebuild Lives’’ implies, the program leverages remote work arrangements to assist foreign businesses ready to provide employment to people living in war and post-war zones.



Displaced People/Refugees/People living in a war zone in Ukraine


I am a displaced Ukrainian citizen. How does Rebuild Lives work for me?

First, you need to register an account with Transformify – Link. Once done, you will be able to fill in information about your work history, skills, the languages you speak, etc.


Add Rebuild Lives to the list of skills as shown below. This way, any business interested in providing work opportunities to refugees and displaced people will be able to find you.

Rebuild Lives skill refugees

If you have already registered as a self-employed / Individual Entrepreneur in Ukraine

You can directly apply for open roles. Lots of businesses can contact you directly via the in-built messaging system of Transformify.

Once you receive an offer, you will sign an agreement with Transformify via e-signature. You will be able to find the document in the My CV & Work History/Documents / To be signed by me section. Upon signing the agreement and completing compliance checks, you can start working on your assignment.

If you need to register as a self-employed/ Individual Entrepreneur in Ukraine

Our partners in Ukraine can help you do so remotely. To start the process, after registering an account with Transformify and filling in your profile, navigate to the Jobs screen – Link, and search for a job titled <Rebuild Lives / Ukraine> as shown below. Then, apply for the job, and someone on our team will be in touch to explain the next steps.

Rebuild Lives Job

How will I be paid?

Transformify offers a variety of payment methods. You can receive payment into your existing Ukrainian bank account. Transformify can also help you to register an account with Payoneer and receive a prepaid card. You can also be paid in crypto if you wish so.

As you will sign a service agreement with Transformify, you will be paid directly by Transformify.

Guidance on Setting a Default Payment Method

Transformify User Guide on Crypto Payments

What is a self-billing invoice?

To fully automate the process and lift the administrative burden from the refugees and displaced people, Transformify will automatically issue a tax-compliant self-billing invoice on your behalf each time a payment has been approved. All you need to do is to provide your invoice details. To avoid any confusion, this is the address provided to the tax authorities in Ukraine when you registered as a self-employed/ Individual Entrepreneur.

Guidance on Providing Invoice Details

Will I be employed by Transformify?

No. As a self-employed/ Individual Entrepreneur, you will be providing services as an independent contractor.

What about taxes?

As a self-employed/ Individual Entrepreneur/independent contractor, you have to file your own tax return and pay taxes in Ukraine. Our local partners can help you do so remotely. Please note that after spending 183 days in any EU member state, you are entitled to pay taxes in that respective member state – e.g. Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.

Businesses Willing to Provide Work Opportunities to Refugees/ Displaced People/ People living in a war zone in Ukraine


Caas / Comapany-as-a-Service/ model

Transformify Ltd acts as a Company-as-a-Service, taking care of compliance, billing, and payments via its proprietary workforce management system. All refugees and displaced people will be assisted in registering as self-employed / Individual Entrepreneurs in Ukraine to ensure compliance.

As a Business, how can I provide work opportunities to refugees/ displaced people via Transformify?

Please contact the sales team of Transformify at or book a demo via this link. A member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions and sign an agreement with Transformify.

How can I post work opportunities and select Refugees/ Displaced People?

Once you sign an agreement with Transformify, you will go through an onboarding process. Training is provided to the HR team of each business client.

Do I need to collect invoices from each refugee/ displaced person I work with?

No. Transformify issues automatically a self-billing invoice on behalf of each refugee/ displaced person you have approved payment to.

Will I receive invoices from Transformify only?

Yes. As a business, you will receive invoices and transfer payment only to one supplier – Transformify Ltd., a UK legal entity.

Will the payments to the refugees/ displaced people be transferred automatically?

Yes. Upon approval, all payments will be transferred automatically to the refugees/ displaced people. There is no need to deal with payment reconciliation, collect payment details, worry about updated payment details, etc.

Is there a limit to the number of refugees/ displaced people I can provide work opportunities to?

No. You can provide work opportunities to as many refugees/ displaced people as you wish.

Providing work opportunities to refugees and displaced people is in favor of the people who will have a reliable source of income, to the host countries that provide asylum to refugees and to Ukraine as being registered as self-employed / Individual Entrepreneur, the refugees will continue paying taxes in Ukraine for a period of time, thus helping to rebuild their homeland.

What is the Rebuild Lives program?

Launched in 2016 and ranked among the Top 25 tech solutions for refugees in 2018, Rebuild Lives helps refugees and people living in post-war zones be hired and paid compliantly.

Now, Rebuild Lives is helping displaced Ukrainians register an Individual Entrepreneur status in Ukraine remotely, get a freelance job and be paid compliantly. Through its network of local partners in Ukraine, Rebuild Lives assists displaced people in applying for Individual Entrepreneur status in Ukraine remotely. Once they are granted an Individual Entrepreneur status, they can compliantly provide services to businesses across the globe via Transformify and receive secure payment through Transformify. This way, refugees can settle down in a new country and earn income during the war and even after that.

What is the problem solved by the Rebuild Lives program?

Refugees leave war zones and move overseas, having no safety net or source of income.

It takes months, and sometimes even years, to receive asylum status. Even after the displaced people receive it, the asylum status does not necessarily guarantee employment rights.

Hence, in many cases, the refugees rely on welfare payments and support from NGOs in the host country. 

Being unemployed for a long time leads to losing skills and competencies and diminishes the chances of being hired once displaced people are granted employment rights. 

The Solution

Rebuild Lives by Transformify helps displaced people obtain an Individual Entrepreneur or self-employed status in their home country through its network of legal partners. 

Once refugees obtain Individual Entrepreneur or self-employed status, they can provide services to businesses in their host countries ( in-office) or businesses across the globe ( remotely) and be paid compliantly.

Transformify leverages its proprietary workforce management system to fully automate the billing and payments to all service providers. At the same time, as Transformify acts as CaaS ( Company-as-a-service), the businesses buying the services rendered by the service providers ( including refugees and displaced people), have only one vendor - Transformify, a UK legal entity, receive invoices and transfer payments to Transformify only.

Put simply, there is no need for businesses to set up hundreds or even thousands of refugees as suppliers in their vendor master data, collect invoices from them, deal with international payment transfers, and reconcile them all.