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Fintech Industry Outlook[INFOGRAPHIC]

What is Fintech? Is it payments, is it money transfers, is it online banking? An infographic from Dr-discount Netherlands and Singapore start-up Call Levels explores the Fintech sector further. Read on!    Design by Gutcher Germany

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Discover How A Socially Conscious Business Owner Helped To Build A Better Society, While At The Same Time, Added Revenue And Increased ROI To His Company’s Bottom Line!

Let me tell you a quick story... ...about a social conscious businessman named Steve. Steve didn’t want to remain passive when it came to making the world a better place to live. He wanted to take an active part in helping to improve conditions for others, while at the same time, optimize his own processes and business needs.     Steve was the real deal. He really cared and sincerely wanted to be a socially responsible employer who made a difference. Overall,...

Lessons Learned From 3 Companies That Have Long Embraced Remote Work

The annual Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs list features companies that most recruit for remote, or work-from-home, jobs each year, based on an analysis of more than 30,000 companies. These 100 companies come from a variety of industries and recruit for an even wider variety of jobs. The American Heart Association, GE, Apple, Salesforce and Humana are just some of the well-known names. I spoke with Kaplan, Aetna, and Intuit, three of 2015’s Top 100 compani...

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A Brief on Qatar’s WPS Work Flow

The Wage Protection System law has been in Gulf countries for some time, but recently governments began putting pressure on companies to make sure they abide by the provisions. Failure to comply with the law will result in human right violation issues which could impair the country’s reputation in the international community, and so particularly the government of Qatar seeks to tighten laws and take a firm stand to protect employee wages. Here is how the ministry of labor and social welfar...

The Difference A Stay-At-Home Parent Can Make For Older Children

Many mothers look forward to maternity leave -- assuming they get it -- but I have to admit that those periods were not the best times of my life. I love my three kids fiercely, but I associate those stints at home with them, away from my job as a foreign correspondent, with an uneasiness that's always been hard to admit. While there's nothing like seeing your baby take his or her first steps or fall asleep on your chest as you stroke their cheek, the pull of my work easily lured me...